Haringey fails yet more local residents

Just a few weeks after Highgate Conservatives highlighted the plight of tenants on the Gaskell Road and Hillcrest council estates, another instance of serious neglect has come to light. Local authority tenants in Highgate’s Tudor Close estate are living in flats in a state of disrepair because Homes for Haringey is failing in its responsibility to maintain their properties.

Call for action to enforce 5T weight limit on North Hill

Highgate Conservatives are calling on Transport for London (TfL) and Haringey Council to enforce the five-tonne weight limit on North Hill, where rat-running HGVs are making life miserable for locals. But one look at the muddled signs coming into and out of our village explains why lorry drivers feel they can ignore the weight limit with impunity.

Meet your local Highgate candidate: Antony Denyer

Antony is standing for election as a councillor because he is fed up. He is fed up with the fact that Labour-run Haringey Council ignores the needs of Highgate, despite its residents paying more in Council Tax than any other ward in the borough. And he is fed up with Highgate’s existing councillors, who let them get away with it.

Our survey results are in – and it’s not good news for Haringey

A huge thank you to everybody who sent in their Conservatives Residents’ Survey — we were absolutely thrilled that so many people took the time to give us their views. According to the responses to our survey, the number one concern by a clear margin is the heavy cost of Council Tax — with residents sending a strong message to Haringey that they are not getting value for money. Nearly 70% of respondents gave Labour’s excessive taxes as a major causes for complaint. One resident pointed out that “Too much Council Tax is spent pursuing left-wing agendas”, while another hit out over unused council-owned buildings that are a wasteful and needless drain on resources. 

Council neglect puts residents in danger

Highgate Conservatives are taking action over residents’ growing fears about unsafe roads in the ward. People who live along North Road are frustrated that Haringey Council is failing to enforce the road’s 5T weight limit, which is being disregarded by heavy lorries that are a threat to pedestrians and cyclists.

Council foul up leaves Hillcrest hanging

People living in Hillcrest Road estate have been let down again by Haringey council and Homes for Haringey, as important repairs to their homes have been cancelled because of a legal error. The news comes after families on the estate suffered weeks of delays in vital repairs to their lifts.

Rubbish service for the Miltons

Residents in the Miltons have been abandoned by Labour-run Haringey council. Since the introduction of fortnightly collections, extra rubbish has been stacked up next to wheelie bins for days on end in what has become a permanent feature of Highgate’s urban landscape.

Arrogant TfL dismisses Highgate’s bus concerns

In our last newsletter we highlighted the safety and environmental problems concerning the 271 bus turnaround in Pond Square. On 25 June, Antony Denyer, a local Conservative and Highgate resident, led a deputation to a public meeting with Transport for London (TfL) at Swiss Cottage library to press the case for change.

Result for Gaskell Road residents

Highgate Conservatives are working with police to help residents on the Gaskell Road Estate, who have fears about home security. 

Hillcrest residents ‘marooned’

Council  contractors have taken many weeks to replace the lifts in the three Hillcrest Estate tower blocks, leaving elderly residents and young parents on the upper floors either stuck in their flats or dragging their shopping and prams up and down many flights of stairs.