Rubbish service for the Miltons

Residents in the Miltons have been abandoned by Labour-run Haringey council. Since the introduction of fortnightly collections, extra rubbish has been stacked up next to wheelie bins for days on end in what has become a permanent feature of Highgate’s urban landscape.


The recent hot weather has exasperated the problem with stinking rubbish piling up in the streets. There is a serious lack of storage capacity in the Miltons, as many of the properties are flats and lack off-road storage areas for refuse.


It’s a typical one-size-fits-all approach from the council — but what might work for people living in houses doesn’t work for people living in flats. With one wheelie bin for multiple households, is it any wonder they’re overflowing? The permanent rows of wheelie bins lined up on the curbside are not only an eyesore, they present a potential hazard for wheelchair users and those with visual impairments, while the continued presence of rubbish in the street is an open invitation to vermin.


Conservative councillors would campaign for innovative solutions to the issue of refuse in areas with flats. However, Highgate is forgotten by Labour-run Haringey council, and not represented by a Liberal Democrat opposition that doesn’t seem to care.