Our survey results are in – and it’s not good news for Haringey

A huge thank you to everybody who sent in their Conservatives Residents’ Survey — we were absolutely thrilled that so many people took the time to give us their views.


According to the responses to our survey, the number one concern by a clear margin is the heavy cost of Council Tax — with residents sending a strong message to Haringey that they are not getting value for money. Nearly 70% of respondents gave Labour’s excessive taxes as a major causes for complaint. One resident pointed out that “Too much Council Tax is spent pursuing left-wing agendas”, while another hit out over unused council-owned buildings that are a wasteful and needless drain on resources.


The second biggest headache is inadequate refuse collection, and Haringey Conservatives are working hard to get the council to change its one-size-fits-all policy, which simply doesn’t work for many residents, especially in the Miltons. To quote one typical response: “Since the introduction of the new refuse scheme, the Miltons has been blighted with excessively large wheelie bins stored on the public footpath… These bins are always overflowing!”


On a positive note, it is clear from the many responses that local people are enormously proud of Highgate, and value its “village feel”. But alongside this pride is a sadness that the council does not keep the
area as clean and tidy as it should. Conservatives believe that Highgate deserves the same level of service as
wards in the east of the borough, and will continue to campaign for local residents to get their fair share of investment in services.