Our cash pledge for safety of Highgate school children

Highgate Conservatives are putting their money where their mouth is, announced May’s election hopeful Kay Carter. “The Highgate candidates — Antony Denyer, Celia Surtees and I — have together pledged £1,000 towards the cost of providing a safe crossing near Highgate Primary School.” 


Parents of children who attend the school, in Storey Road, have raised the alarm about the dangers for pupils who have to cross the road at the junction between North Hill, Church Road and View Road, where there is no “green man” phase on the traffic lights. 


Antony Denyer reports that Haringey Council is refusing to improve the crossing despite pleas from local parents, businesses and elderly people. The council says “[Haringey Council] are aware of concerns about this junction and are committed to supporting the road safety of young people and pedestrians across the borough. We ensure resources are prioritised where they are needed most.” Celia Surtees disagrees, saying: “I believe the reality is that the council won’t spend money in the west of the borough. Children’s safety should not depend on where they live.” William Dean, headteacher of Highgate Primary School, has called the situation “a serious accident waiting to happen”.


To force Haringey into action, a school governor has set up a petition asking for a green man phase on the lights at the junction. The petition needs 2,200 signatures to be debated in full council, and Highgate’s Conservative council candidates Kay Carter, Antony Denyer and Celia Surtees have all signed the petition and are urginglocal residents to do the same. In addition, Highgate Conservatives are launching an appeal to raise money towards the works, and push the local authority to take this risk seriously. We believe Haringey Council must do better when it comes to our children’s safety.


If you, like us, would like to pledge money to provide a safe crossing, then please email your pledge amount and contact details to pledge@hwgca.org.uk.    




Sign the petition at http://tinyurl.com/northhillnightmare

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