Night Tube: Met urged to keep the peace at outer London stations

The Night Tube, set to start operation on 19 August, will be transporting thousands of late night revellers to areas of outer London that currently experience low levels of anti-social behaviour.

Even with the announced increased policing presence focused in and around certain Night Tube 'red stations', one of which is Finsbury Park station, GLA Conservative Assembley Member Steve O'Connell believes the Mayor and Met Commissioner should also detail how they intend to keep the peace in quieter areas of outer London.

Mr O'Connell said:

"While I welcome the coming night tube, in many areas around these outer London night tube stations residents are accustomed to a quieter way of life, and may have chosen to live in these places just because of this.

"Officials have highlighted 12 'red stations', most of which reside in inner London, that are going to be given increased night time focus. Now we need to find out what will be done for outer London to prevent a rise in anti-social behaviour.

"We are looking for reassurances from the Met that the areas surrounding Night Tube stations will not be forcefully included into the 24-hour night time economy and will maintain their safe, pleasant atmosphere."