Meet your local Highgate candidate: Antony Denyer

Antony is standing for election as a councillor because he is fed up. He is fed up with the fact that Labour-run Haringey Council ignores the needs of Highgate, despite its residents paying more in Council Tax than any other ward in the borough. And he is fed up with Highgate’s existing councillors, who let them get away with it.


Antony says: “For far too long Haringey Council has been allowed to milk Highgate residents, and now the few services we do have in Highgate are being squeezed. Highgate Library is under constant threat of closure, our roads and footpaths are in a dangerous state of disrepair and our pleasant residential areas have been blighted by overflowing refuse bins and rat infestations. This is simply unacceptable.”


Soon-to-be-married Antony, 31, is an IT entrepreneur and lives in the heart of Highgate. If elected, Antony will
bring some much-needed private sector business expertise to the council. Currently, far too many Labour and Lib Dem Councillors, if they work at all, are employed in the public sector.