Meet Kay Carter

Kay has lived in Haringey for 10 years and is passionate about serving her community, particularly its most vulnerable members. She is part of the team that runs a local charity for people with learning disabilities, which serves this part of the borough by offering a mixed-ability youth club and drop-in for parents of children with additional needs. She is also church warden of a large local Anglican church with a focus on community engagement.

Kay says: “Over the past 10 years I have spent time working alongside people who use council services, including the elderly and those with disabilities. I am deeply concerned about the closure of vital lifelines, including lunch clubs and respite facilities. I believe that Haringey’s priorities are wrong — cutting crucial services while continuing to spend our money on things that are not essential.

As a councillor I would fight to make sure that people in the west of the borough who are dependent on social care services are not short-changed in comparison with those who live in the east.” Married with two daughters who attend a state primary school in Haringey, Kay works in Parliament for a group of MPs and peers who fight for prisoners of conscience across the world. Before having children she worked for eight years as a journalist for The Sunday Times.