"We contacted our MP, our councillors and no-one, not one, responded” say local parents “framed” by Haringey.

Few accusations are more damaging in today's world than that of child abuse. Yet this is precisely the false allegation laid recently at the door of a blameless couple in Haringey, ironically themselves experienced social workers. In true Stalin-esque fashion the Council had launched care proceedings based on one anonymous letter of malicious denunciation. In a landmark legal ruling, reported in the national press in April 2013, the couple were completely exonerated. At a judicial review, the Judge ruled that Haringey Social Services' actions were: “so flawed procedurally that they were unlawful”. Even more trenchantly, the Judge observed that there was “a distinct possibility that the parents' threat of making a complaint had triggered the Council's decision to escalate” care proceedings. He also awarded costs against Haringey. Conservatives take no pleasure in highlighting the Council's continuing pendulum swings from apathy (Victoria Climbié, Baby P etc.) to extreme overreaction. But, how many parents might now think twice about getting medical treatment even for a simple playground accident?