Local Conservative, Kay Carter, has written to Haringey's CEO expressing residents' concerns about burglaries and security. Residents on the Gaskell Road Estate have raised concerns with local Conservatives over a number of burglaries in the area. Council tenants especially are worried about the security of their properties after a series of break-ins to homes in the neighbourhood. In particular there are doubts that the council-fitted locks to front and rear doors are of a sufficiently high standard especially as the part-glazed doors themselves are not very robust. Local Conservative, Kay Carter, has now written to Haringey Chief Executive (CEO), Nick Walkley, outlining residents' concerns. “Everybody has the right to feel safe in their home,” says Kay. “For this reason I have written to Nick Walkley asking for a security review for Gaskell Road Estate residents. The council needs to address residents' concerns and, in particular, take the necessary steps to improve door security.”  The issue of security is just one of a broader range of worries about the standard of council property maintenance. Housing stock on the Estate is largely pre-first-world-war and requires significant upkeep, but tenants are concerned about the quality of repairs.