Council neglect puts residents in danger

Highgate Conservatives are taking action over residents’ growing fears about unsafe roads in the ward. People who live along North Road are frustrated that Haringey Council is failing to enforce the road’s 5T weight limit, which is being disregarded by heavy lorries that are a threat to pedestrians and cyclists.


Kay Carter, council candidate for Highgate Conservatives, says this is just the tip of the iceberg: “There are a number of places across the ward where council neglect is putting pedestrians in danger. I am particularly concerned about an area of North Hill where trees have been allowed to get so overgrown that pedestrians can’t be seen as they approach the crossing. This is supposed to be a safe place for pedestrians to get across the road, but overhanging branches mean that drivers may not be able to see them until it’s too late. Tragically there has already been one fatality on this crossing, and I am worried there will be another horrific accident on Highgate’s roads.”


As our recent survey highlights, pot-holed roads left
in disrepair are a real cause for concern in the area, being potentially dangerous as well as causing damage to vehicles. Highgate Conservatives are taking up these issues on behalf of residents, while at the same time rolling up our sleeves to help in practical ways, such as cleaning road signs that have become mildewed.


Celia Surtees went out with our recent Highgate Conservatives’ working party to make a difference on the streets of the ward. “It’s nice to do something that improves the area for everybody,” she says. “Highgate people are proud of their ward and we know it upsets them when the council doesn’t take care of our streets the way it should. I enjoy doing my bit to keep Highgate looking its best.”