Celia Surtees: Highgate Conservative candidate

Highgate’s sense of community and peacefulness is unmatched across London. Celia is standing for Haringey council because she wants to champion Highgate and thinks it is very unfair that the council seems never to consider the needs of Highgate residents, who frequently feel ignored.Celia says: “Highgate is a beautiful part of London with a unique character and I am passionate about protecting and championing this.

However it is being let down by a council which thinks that the west of the borough is somehow less deserving of services than the east — and this has got to stop. If elected I will always put the needs of Highgate and its residents first and stand up for what Highgate needs. In particular I will press for better liaison with Camden Council with whom Haringey has co-stewardship of the village.” Celia, 28, lives in Haringey with her partner. Professionally she works as a policy adviser for a business organisation which represents independent professionals. In her spare time Celia enjoys volunteering as a unit helper at local Girl Guide group and serving on her church council.