Best boroughs are lowering council tax – why not ours?

With the current spell of bad weather pushing up the cost of fuel bills, we know that lots of people are feeling the pressure financially. That is why Conservative councils are working hard to reduce the tax burden for households in their areas. Last month Hammersmith and Fulham’s Conservative council proposed yet another 3 percent cut to the council-tax bills of its residents. Once approved, it will be the seventh reduction in eight years — saving residents £850 a year when compared with the average council-tax increase during that period. That adds up to a 20 percent cut.

This comes as Labour-run councils such as the City of York plan to raise council tax by 1.9%, rejecting a grant offered by the Conservative Government for councils who manage to freeze their council tax. All this serves to do is to put additional pressure on hard-pressed households struggling to make ends meet. According to a survey by Highgate Conservatives, the cost of council tax is residents’ number-one concern, with tax-payers saying they do not feel Haringey council offers value for money. Ignoring these worries, Haringey Council is offering no reductions for 2014-2015, in spite of the fact that other local authorities are showing that with determination and initiative this is possible. Conservative councils are managing to keep bills for householders down by managing their money the same way you try to manage yours — by making every penny go as far as it can, and by making sensible economies without cutting essentials.

Like the Conservative Government, Conservative councils know that the more they can cut waste and therefore tax bills, the more money their residents can spend in their area, helping hard-pressed local business and boosting the national economy.