Highgate Village has a unique character. It is one of London's few remaining inner-urban villages and much of its survival is due to the Highgate Society, long-standing resident-led champion of all that is good & great. Not least because the Village is in the heart of a Conservation area, the HS has for a long time now been trying, alas forlornly, to get Transport for London (TfL) to move the unsightly and disruptive 271 bus turnaround away from Pond Square. The Highgate Society's detailed proposals have been rejected by TfL on the basis of an increasingly convoluted set of arguments which range from timetable logistics, 'dead mileage' costs, non-availability of nearby alternative terminus facilities, and even to there being nowhere for bus crews to 'spend a penny'! Local Conservatives Antony Denyer & Kay Carter agree, along with many Highgate residents, that TfL's delaying tactics have been allowed to go on for far too long and have written to Mayor Boris Johnson asking him to use his executive powers to override TfL's penny-pinching & filibustering objections. Antony & Kay naturally defer to the Highgate Society's experts who have suggested myriad alternatives to TfL but, surely for example, with minor junction widening by the Esso garage in North Hill, 271 buses could terminate on the A1 by Jewsons, which already provides a terminus for the 234 Highgate Woods service?!