A Hornsey man out jogging suffered serious brain damage after falling into a dangerous pothole dug by Haringey Council. Cost to all of us: £1 million. Kyle Bullock from Hornsey was out jogging when he stumbled into a pothole. He spent 4 months in hospital after suffering a serious brain injury, is now confined to a wheelchair and needs full-time care. After protracted negotiations, Mr Bullock was recently awarded £1m compensation by Homes for Haringey (what was the old Housing Dept). As usual, the ex-Council Dept initially denied responsibility only to cave-in when the claim got to the High Court. What are the lessons from this tragic tale?! Well, firstly, you can never rely on the Council or its poorly-supervised contractors to do work properly. Secondly, when it's caught out, never trust Haringey to do the right thing. Thirdly, when it comes to Haringey Council, honesty is the last refuge of the scoundrel!